Sharpness problem at the edges of monitor

  nollan 14:32 12 Sep 2004

I have a Dell Dimension 8750 system with a M992 monitor and a ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card (OS Windows XP). I recently updated the graphics driver to version (dated 15/05/2004), after which my screen resolution was set to 1280x1024 (it used to be 1024x800). Since this update, the screen goes unsharp and fuzzy at the edges, making it difficult to read. I've tried but cannot find any way of adjusting this either on the monitor or in the Advanced screen settings. I did the update before installing SP2, and the problem still persist after installing the pack. Has anyone experienced something similar, and how did you deal with it?
(On a slightly unrelated note, after I installed the new driver, Windows Update alerted me that there was a new graphics driver to download - which turned out to be the former driver, ie the one I just updated. Oh, well...)

Erik N

  hugh-265156 16:58 12 Sep 2004

download the latest drivers from ATI click here

try un installing the ati driver from add remove programs and restart your computer. this will set the desktop to defaults [email protected] again. when you get to the desktop windows will find the graphics card again and prompt you to install drivers, click cancel twice and click your downloaded drivers to install the drivers and restart the computer again.

the desktop will still be set to 800x600 so right click an empty area of desktop/properties/settings and adjust the slider to 1024x768 again and click apply. next click advanced/monitor and tick the box that says 'hide modes this monitor can not display' then from the drop down list, select the highest refresh rate shown and click apply and ok.

if doing the above doesnt work try downloading driver cleaner click here then un install the drivers again as above and boot into safe mode and run it as per instructions and install them again maybe.

  nollan 15:55 13 Sep 2004

Thanks, I've downloaded the new drivers and installed them. Still having the problem with fuzziness, and I'm thinking it could actually be something wrong with the monitor itself. Still, I'll try the Driver Cleaner first before I'll do any impulse buying...

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