Sharpening in Photoshop Elements 2

  zumlif2 21:41 09 Mar 2005

I don't do a lot of photo-editing but I have come across a technique called "Two Pass Sharpening". I saw it demonstrated using Photoshop 7 but I can't get it to work with Elements 2. It involves making a background layer, converting to grayscale, isolating the edges,running Gaussian Blur, inverting the image then using the histogram to narrow the level. The intructions then say "Return to the original image and load the adjusted duplicate image. Command - selesct+load election." This is where Elements 2 breaks down. I had to change the file format to *.tiff otherwise very little works. (See Ell.2 helpfile re loading". But it still doesn't work. Has anyone used this technique and is it possible to use it with Ellements 2? I can send the full instructions, if required.

  iambeavis 22:12 09 Mar 2005

I use it all the time in "Photoshop" but I have, as yet, had no success in getting it to work in "Elements" - and I have tried, not once, but several times. I would be interested to know whether, or not, it can be done.

  zumlif2 15:18 10 Mar 2005

Thank you iambeavis. It doesn't look very hopeful.

  Jeff W 16:02 10 Mar 2005

Have a look at click here

The CD that comes with their book Photoshop Elements 2 has a plug-in which I think does what you described.


  zumlif2 19:00 10 Mar 2005

Thank you xcalibur. I have had a look at the limk you suggested but although I roamed around the site I didn't really know what I was looking for. I shall have a look for the book and see if it is worth my while to get it. I have to tell you that I am pretty ancient, (84) so I am careful what I buy. The few contempories I have left think a keyboard is attached to a piano.

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