Sharp LCD screen

  dave63 00:19 19 Mar 2003

I am thinking of purchasing a Mesh PC with a Sharp 17" LCD screen. From my research, Sharp screens don't seem to be recommended for games (some seem very poor). Although the PC will not be used very much for games, I don't want to have a screen that is poor (I do not mind one that is average for games). Also, if a screen is poor for games is it also poor for DVD playback? Please help.

  Djohn 00:24 19 Mar 2003

I've just bought a 17" TFT and though I haven't yet used it for games, I have watched a couple of fast moving action movie's and run 3D mark 2000 on it, results.

Perfect, every bit as good as a CRX monitor. Hope this helps. J.

  tonyhoho 03:22 19 Mar 2003

it's really poor for games~~~

  « Ravin » 04:39 19 Mar 2003

but yours is an AOC model right ?

i m using an lg one but 15" L1510s and can see no difference from my prev crt monitor regarding games or movies :)

  guelahpapyrus69 05:50 19 Mar 2003

Find out what it's pixel refresh rate is. That is what determines if a lcd is poor, avg etc for games movies or any other high speed visuals. 30 ns is considered poor to avg. 20 ns is good to avg with 15ns or less good to excellent.

If the pixel takes to long to refresh, an effect known as ghosting occurs. This effect is what people see when they have poor refresh rates.

  guelahpapyrus69 06:09 19 Mar 2003

after reading my response, i need to clarify the refresh rate thresholds. 30ns is considered the beginning of non-ghosting fo most people. higher than 30ns is widely considered poor. the lower your refresh rate is from 30 ns the better a video/gaming experience you will have. 15ns or less considered to be top end technology. Take 2 lcd's of similar size and features. If the price more than 10% apart look at the refresh rate. this is what the extra money is buying.

  « Ravin » 07:14 19 Mar 2003

do you mean ms or ns ? looking at my monitor specs i find nothing with the unit ns. but it says that the response time is 25 ms .. is that it?

  guelahpapyrus69 09:01 19 Mar 2003

your right. i'm sorry it is ms. (i've been doing to much ram latency research) so at 25 ms you would probably have fair to below avg gaming/video experience. The sweet spot from what i've read starts at 20 ms. It's all a matter of taste and perception. People on avg see 30fps. Some see more some see less. So at 25ms some people might see a lot of ghosting, some might not see any. I'd would suggest you demo any lcd that had 25 ms refresh and have them run a game demo. If you see ghosting artifacts that are unacceptable for you than you would know that regardless of the manufaturer, you would have to get a faster lcd.

  « Ravin » 09:15 19 Mar 2003

so far no sign of ghosting at all, was terribly nevervous about that for some reason which is why i had them demonstrate it played a few games , even though i'm not a real gamer and a few movies.. everything was wonderful so i went ahead and bought it.

  « Ravin » 09:16 19 Mar 2003

so manybe i'm one of those people who doesn't see any ghosting at 25 ms? ;) thanks for the information guelahpapyrus69 :)

  BrianW 09:25 19 Mar 2003

Even at 40 ms, using DVI connection I do not see ghosting when playing games such as unreal, CM rally 2.0 etc. I think a lot depends on the specific make / construction of the screen. (Mines a Philips 170 B2). Agree though, faster must be better.

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