Sharp GX20

  Amethyst75 20:04 28 Feb 2005

I know this isnt a computer related question but thought someone might be able to help!

Iv recently changed from orange PAYG to O2 PAYG on my unlocked GX20. Iv put all the settings in, can make and recieve calls, recieve texts, make and recieve picture messages BUT will the darn thing let me send texts? No! iv double checked all the settings and they seem ok. Anyone got any ideas why it wont let me send text? It just keept saying 'error sending text' which is very frustrating!! iv tried the sim in someone elses o2 phone and it worked fine. Help!

Amethyst ;)

  Star Lord 20:48 28 Feb 2005

I did this for a gx10 on Oranage It may help

i also had trouble with text messages when i put my Sharp gx10 on to Orange. to get round it i rang orange and told them i was having problem with both types of text messages. I never told them i was using a SHARP phone, I just said i dont know much about phones as i have bought it of a mate.

they then sent me a text which activated the text. (word text only). check you phone screen to see if it has a small box on the screen with the letter G in it as that was sent by Orange, it may differ for O2. To get it to text pictures i had to type in the codes as you have already done. this might work.

or go on the net for forum for unlocking gx20 there are a few and i sure others had had the same problem as you.

  Star Lord 20:59 28 Feb 2005

hey, i hav a sharp gx20, i'v entered the setting that Treats gave, to allow me to view picture msgs on an 02 simcard, but server connection eror appears wen i try and access the media msg. im thinkin that for the mms profile there is no IP address and therefor it comes up missing information in profile and wont let me use it. . does anybody kno the IP address to be entered. also do i need to get o2 to change my account to allow for media msgs? if anybody can help that'd b great.
I think the IP address in the MMS profile should be the same as for WAP.

You don't need to change your account, but you do need to check that your SIM card is GPRS enabled. (To get it enabled, you just need to ask O2.) If normal calls and CDS-WAP work, but MMS and GPRS-WAP don't, then this is probably what the problem is.
when i said the G on your screen it the GPRS

hope it helps

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