Sharing a Wirless Connection - Wirelessly (HARD)

  AgentSmith 01:46 18 Dec 2005

Here is the situation:

I have a laptop that is connected to a wireless router (lets call it: BlackRouter) and is how I access the Internet. However I have three other devices that can't reach the "BlackRouter". Now I want to take that internet connection from my laptop and plug it into another wireless router (lets call it: SilverRouter). Is it possible to share a wireless connection(BlackRouter) through a laptop's NIC card into the "internet" port on another wireless router(SilverRouter)?

Here is what I tried so far:

I tried sharing my wireless internet connection (blackrouter) and then plugging Nic from laptop into "SilverRouter's" "Internet Port". However did not work because the other three devices could not access the internet.

I also tried a network bridge, but the bridge of the Nic and Wireless Nic did not get an ip address from "BlackRouter" and therefore could not access the internet from my Laptop even.

I also tried manually configuring ip addresses on both configurations, but did not know what combination of IP Address to try!

Confused Yet? If not then please help! It should be possible to do!

  mgmcc 12:29 18 Dec 2005

I suspect the fact that you have effectively three DHCP servers running must be playng havoc with the IP addressing.

As the laptop that connects to BlackRouter is effectively a "router" itself (having enabled "Internet Connection Sharing") it might be better to use SilverRouter as a basic "Network Switch / Wireless Access Point", connecting the laptop to one of its LAN ports rather than the WAN port. Also disable its own DHCP server.

BlackRouter would have to operate in a different subnet from the 192.168.0.x one used for ICS.

  AgentSmith 18:24 18 Dec 2005

Okay. I turned off my DHCP server on my "SilverRouter".

Now how would I setup the IP Addresses for my other devices. What kind of manual ip-address would I assign them? Would I assign them an Ip-address of the "blackrouter" or off the laptop? And explain in more detail about the whole subnet thing please.

  mgmcc 21:23 18 Dec 2005

The BlackRouter will allocate an IP address to the laptop in whichever subnet it operates, but it must not be the 192.168.0.x one used for "Internet Connection Sharing".

You enable "ICS" on the laptop's "Wireless Network Connection", which will automatically configure the "Local Area Connection" with the ICS Host address of

The laptop is then connected to one of the SilverRouter's LAN ports and all of the "client" devices also connect to SilverRouter, either via another LAN port or wirelessly, but they all get their IP addresses automatically by DHCP from the ICS Host (the original laptop with the wireless internet access).

  mgmcc 21:33 18 Dec 2005

<<< And explain in more detail about the whole subnet thing please. >>>

The subnet is the IP range that the network operates in and is protected by the "subnet mask".

Internet Connection Sharing operates in the subnet and by using a subnet mask of only computers with a address can communicate. If BlackRouter, for example, uses the subnet with the subnet mask then computers in this range cannot talk to those in the range. This prevents a conflict between the two DHCP servers which would arise if they were both allocating addresses in the *same* subnet.

If you want computers in a subnet to talk to those in a subnet, change the subnet mask to, which removes the "block" on the third part of the IP address (the third "octet").

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