Sharing a wireless access point, how?

  Miss Happy 20:28 12 Feb 2006

My laptop with wireless IEEE 802.11b/g has found an 'unconfigured Linksys Access point or wireless router detected within range of your network' and says it's in my nieghbourhood (my connection is slooow dial-up). My problem is, am I allowed to share this connection and if so, how? I do not want to tealeaf anyones connection or speed and am not sure if I am meant to 'share' the found Access point. I heard some time ago some kind broadband users put an access indicator on their house to et others know they were welcome to share it? I am also not sure if I am meant to pay any subs' or connection fees to anyone! I am concerned about security and how to stay 'private' but it would be useful as I cannot do updates without a faster connection.
Sorry if this has been covered before, any advice would be great, thanks.

This has probably been covered many times before,

  Forum Editor 23:38 12 Feb 2006

you must not access a computer network (wireless or otherwise) without the prior consent of the network administrator.

As far as wireless connections go, it's illegal to make use of someone else's bandwidth without their prior consent, even if the router or gateway isn't secured, and there have been successful prosecutions in such cases.

  Miss Happy 21:23 13 Feb 2006

Firstly, I would NEVER do anything illegal. I know next to nothing of how wireless or broadband work and in am in a rural location.

Secondly, I cannot have a BB connection > DAX online, something I may be able to correct (says a 'shared line' on BT phone no. check, phone BT - they say I don't have one...ISP says I do - they checked via BT!). Searching before owning wireless enabled PC, put nearest town postcode into 'hot-spot' search engine. It found 2 both at the same location but 3 miles from me. Both were based on a fee per usage but I have no idea if I have to be at that location. However, the search pages also said about ones that do not charge but none at that time here or near. That's the reason I asked about what my PROSet found. In rural areas some kind people did 'share' their connection /access with people less fortunate than themselves and advertised it on their house wall for wireless neighbours to share. I would still never do this unless I had permission of the person paying for their connection.

Thirdly, I may not have put my question very well. Perhaps someone helpful, knows the name of the neighbourhood / street sharing, it usually happens whereby a certain phone company wont upgrade the exchange or keep changing their minds on enabled dates and sign-up numbers (usually semi-rural), so a business that needs BB to be competitive, pays for their own aerial and invite neighbours to share it. Are you saying Editor,that their invitation is illegal in the first place or did you mean connecting without permission - which I would never do?
Whatever, wished I hadn't bothered asking anything now. I should have put the original post in absolute beginners because thats where I am with anything other than dail-up. Surely my above question /post did not imply I was considering anything I should not do?

Going to chill-out & watch some O O O

  keewaa 21:55 13 Feb 2006

If you approach the owner and they agree and it's OK with their ISP then it's fine ... suggest you go and ask them if they are approachable and you think they might.

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