Sharing two ISP's on the same laptop

  Wudds 13:16 19 Feb 2006

Is it possible to use a laptop to share two ISP's. Telewest Broadband at home and BT Broadband at my office?

  BurrWalnut 13:35 19 Feb 2006

Yes, you will have to change the default in Internet Options, Connections, every time you want to connect.

  BurrWalnut 13:36 19 Feb 2006

Actually, what I've said is not true as you can click on 'Connect To' if you put it in the Start Menu.

  mgmcc 13:37 19 Feb 2006

Yes. How do you connect to the two ISPs, by ethernet?

If so, it should just be a matter of unplugging from one and plugging into the other, then right clicking the Local Area Connection in the Network Connections folder and selecting "Repair". This forces the adapter to renew its IP address and it should get its new address from the different ISP.

  BurrWalnut 13:39 19 Feb 2006

I'm getting in a mess here. I've just realised that you're wireless, so you can connect to any network providing you know the SSID and key.

Forget all my previous rubbish.

  mgmcc 13:46 19 Feb 2006

Now you've lost me ;-)

Where does "wireless" come into it? I'd assumed (rightly or wrongly) that the home connection was by ethernet to the Telewest Cable Modem and into a router at the office, also by ethernet.

  BurrWalnut 14:02 19 Feb 2006

I, stupidly, assumed wireless as I thought it might be a new laptop. This was after I realised the post was in the Networking Forum.

I think I'll go back to bed as the brain's not working too well.

  Wudds 14:42 19 Feb 2006

If I can interupt your debate.
So, if I move from the office where I have been using one provider (BT) and then plug the laptop into my docking station at home that is connected to another provider, then right click the Local Area Connection in the Network Connections folder and select "Repair". This will get the laptop to automatically log onto the differnet provider?

  mgmcc 15:45 19 Feb 2006

<<< This will get the laptop to automatically log onto the different provider? >>>

If you are connecting by ethernet, you are not "logging on" to anything. You are simply connecting to to an already existing network.

If the laptop has previously been connected to the Telewest modem by ethernet, and the modem has remained powered on, just connect the laptop again, "repair" the connection, the laptop's IP address will be renewed and it should get the one allocated by Telewest.

NOTE: If the laptop has *not* previously been connected to the Telewest cable modem, power off the modem for two to three minutes, then power it on again, wait for the four steady lights and then boot the laptop. This is essential so that broadband connection recognises that it is a new device (recognised by its MAC address) that has connected and a new IP address will be allocated. This procedure is also essential if connecting a different PC to the modem - it must always be powered off in order to recognise that a different device has been connected. If simply disconnecting the laptop and then reconnecting it again at a later time, the modem doesn't need to be powered off as it is the same device that is reconnecting.

  Wudds 16:52 19 Feb 2006


  thebushpilot 22:06 10 Mar 2006

I have a question that I thought would be covered in this subject but still is unclear to me. I have a laptop with ethernet broadband connected and access to wireless access point to a seperate ISP via wireless simultaniously , how can I use the two connectiuons at the same time? And is it possible to access three or more wireless access points simultaniously and realize any benifit from doing so.

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