Sharing Telewest Broadband

  Sunil 15:15 01 May 2004


I have two Pc running Win xp Pro and I have Telewest Broadband running on one pc but I want to use my other pc on internet too So How can I use or share my internet connection without messy cables or switching cables between two PC.


  GaT7 16:53 01 May 2004

Use a wireless network with a wireless router & adaptors.

To set up your wireless network, you’ll need:

One Wireless Router: The Wireless Router is a wireless Internet-sharing device that connects all your computers to the Internet and to one another. It connects to your cable modem or settop box.

One Network Cable: This connects your Wireless Router to your cable modem or set top box. Alternately, the Network Cable may connect your Wireless Router to one computer.

One Wireless Network Adapter for each computer. There are three different types of Wireless Network Adapters: 1. USB Adapter – Choose this adapter for a desktop with an available USB port. 2. PC Card - Choose this adapter for a notebook. 3. PCI Adapter – Choose this adapter if you are comfortable opening your desktop.

If you look into the Telewest website I'm sure there'll be more advice & links there to set up your wireless network. If I find any I'll be back to post them here.

  Optimo 16:55 01 May 2004

using posting for future referance

  GaT7 17:01 01 May 2004

Read this thoroughly: click here.

Some important excerpts:

"However it is important to note that only one computer may use the broadband connection at one time..."

"If you want several computers to be able to share the same internet connection then you need to implement a system of internet connection sharing..."

"Telewest does not support the use of its broadband connection as part of a home network; this can be done at your discretion."

  VoG II 17:08 01 May 2004

The set-up thet Crossbow7 described above works fine with Blueyonder. The only thing is that you will need to either

Register the router's MAC address with BY technical support, or

Get the router to clone the MAC address of the computer that was originally connected to Blueyonder.

The router manual should tell you how to find its MAC address and how to clone a different address.

  Steven135 17:10 01 May 2004

I am on blueyonder and have just set up a wireless network 2 Laptops 1 Desktop using a Netgear WGR614 router connected to desktop by Cat5 Cable, two laptops via Lynksis 54G wireless network card was dead easy to set up.

  GaT7 17:21 01 May 2004

MAC info/details are in the link I provided above (or click here & click here)

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