sharing software

  sms 16:48 02 Aug 2005

could anyone advise which software could be used to be able to be accessed simultaneously between two computers eg. a booking system

  Tycho 16:50 02 Aug 2005

MS Access could be what you want, but I fear that I can't advise on the nuts and bolts of doing it.


  DieSse 18:16 02 Aug 2005

I'm afrad you'll have to be somewhat more specific about what you want - lots of software can be accessed by two computers at the same time - and lots can't.

Is it actually a booking system you want (you only said that was an example) - in not, what do you need, with a bit of detail please - help others help you.

  sms 09:51 03 Aug 2005

It is actually a booking system that I am after. I have tried access with limited success in that there is a delay between each computer before the changes are seen. I need to have several computers accessing the same programme so that different personnel can do bookings.
hope this makes it clearer

  DieSse 22:19 03 Aug 2005

If you put ... multi user booking software ... into a google search, there are several systems that look possible.

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