Sharing an Outlook calendar

  Bandy 13:32 09 May 2005

I have two friends who wish to share their diary/calendar using their computers. Both share a common hobby and are involved with various charities

One travels a lot and has a laptop using XP Pro, the other stays at home and has a desktop using XP Home, and both use Outlook 2000 and have broadband.

Up to now they have been emailing each other with possible dates/times etc., but find it a bit of a fag, hence the idea of having a common diary.

In case you're wondering they have been very close friends for many years and trust each other implicitly. They also trust each other to make and keep the appropriate appointments.

I have just started looking at this and there appear, at first glance, to be two solutions available
1. Using net folders which appear to update using email, and
2. using a virtual private network

My knowledge of both of these methods is very limited, but gradually increasing. However I would very much appreciate any guidance, pitfalls or other advise you may feel able to give to help start sorting out a solution

  DieSse 15:15 09 May 2005

As you have found otu, there is no sharing built-in to outlook. However there are several add-on progs that you could use. If you put sharing outlook folders into a Google search, you will get many useful pointers and progs to enable you to do what you want, including shareware.

  DieSse 15:22 09 May 2005

They could also make a diary/contacts list on the web - which they could both then access - there are several facilities for doing this, including Hotmail. This may be the most practical method if one/both of them is travelling.

Universal village offers another way of doing the same thing click here

  Bandy 19:22 09 May 2005

Thank you for the comments, and the link, both of which appear very useful. Indeed I may well take up the Universal Village idea.

I'll leave this item open for a short while just in case there are any other ideas.

  Bandy 11:28 11 May 2005


I'm about to download the Universalvillage software. Will try it for a week or so and then report back

Thanks for your help and I'll tick the bos as resolved for the moment

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