Sharing NTL broadband

  jz 21:31 14 Aug 2004

I have two PCs, one connected to NTL broadband via a network cable to their cable modem, and one not connected. I don't want to buy a hub, etc, I have enough clutter already, so...

Both PCs have network cards, so I could connect the two together with a twisted (or whatever it's called) network cable. I then have to connect one PC to the cable modem, but only have one network connector on each PC, so...

When I installed broadband, I could connect to the cable modem either by network cable or by USB. I chose the network cable. How do I switch from the Network connector to USB? Has anyone tried this?

  johnsims 22:37 14 Aug 2004

Presumably within the set up screens where you selected network cable in the first instance.

Interesting ... I doubt if selecting USB from one PC and Cat5 from the other would work as the selection would be set within the modem.

If a hub is out because of clutter (they aren't very big though) perhaps you should shell out for a combined modem/router.

  jz 22:41 14 Aug 2004

Thanks for the suggestion. The modem is supplied by NTL and is a cable modem, not an ASDL modem, so I suspect I can't buy a combined modem/router.

  spanneress 22:43 14 Aug 2004


I am on NTL BB too..I switch my connection type occasionally..on one of my lap tops I have both connection types you have no worries there.

I may be wrong but isn't there some issue about networking with NTL BB? I am *sure* I read somewhere about them not allowing people to install routers instead of their own modems..I could be wrong...It won't be an issue if you are going to use cross over cable anyhow. You will find that your internet cxonnection diminishes using this method if both PC's are accessing the net at the same time...

  johnsims 22:51 14 Aug 2004

Cable modem with 4 ethernet ports and wireless from netgear. click here

I don't use this but my modem, wireless router and wireless PCMCIA card are all netgear and am very pleased with them.

  VoG II 22:53 14 Aug 2004

click here (you don't need to use their kit).

  Roadgiant 23:07 14 Aug 2004

I am on NTL BB and have two Pc's connected via a x over cable, when I had broadband installed the engineer asked me if I wanted a USB or Lan connected modem,I chose USB so the network card was free.
I may be wrong, and I am sure if I am that someone else will correct me, but I think a cheap way round would be to purchase a second network card (under a tenner at most computer fairs) and install it into your main PC thus having one for the BB modem and the second card for the network connection with x over cable.
The only drawback as spanneress says is that the speed diminishes (I am on NTL 300k and my son and I are often on line at the same time,and unless your into online gaming or mass downloads shouldn't be a problem)and that you have to have the main Pc on for the second pc to access the net. RG

  jz 23:10 14 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone. Referring to spanneress' message...

How do I switch a my PC between using the network cable and using the USB cable to the modem? Does Plug and Play work it all out for me or do I have to make setting changes in Windows XP?

  spanneress 23:20 14 Aug 2004

Hmm..I just unplug it and reboot with it plugged into the other connection! I discovered this by accident after rebuilding my laptop and the ethernet not playing loaded the USB option without removing the ethernet settings, then needed the USB cable for some reason or another so put the ethernet back in and it worked. I swap when ever the occasion needs without any problems!

Just run the install again on the machine and choose the aternative setting - it doesn't appear to mind having two! This has worked for me on W2K and XP Pro...

  jz 23:26 14 Aug 2004

"it doesn't appear to mind having two!"

I assume you don't mean two PCs connected simultaneously. That would be nice!

  spanneress 23:33 14 Aug 2004

No such luck..nope, the machine OS does not seem to mind having to sets of settings for the BB!

I have used x cable and shared my connection previosuly but it was a temporary measure..worked OK tho...ask Santa for a's the way to go!

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