sharing my bb connection with my neighbour

  Kate B 18:34 30 Nov 2004

I've posted in Mac forums for the Mac-specific stuff but you guys are the most knowledgeable I've ever stumbled across on the net so I'd appreciate any input anyone has on the following scenario.

My neighbour has inherited an old Mac that supports TCP/IP and has an ethernet port. It's running OS9.2, for any Macheads reading this post.

Assuming I can boost the signal sufficiently from my router, can anyone suggest the right piece of hardware to plug in (presumably via ethernet) into her Mac which will then connect wirelessly to my router (Netgear DG834G) so that she can share the BB connection?

One of the Mac experts suggested an Airport Extreme base station, which will give her the 802.11g speeds but it's horrifically expensive.

My first thought was a wireless dongle for her USB port, but I'm totally open to better ideas from those cleverer than I.

The legalities of this i think could leave you in hot water with your ISP. Although they dont have a way to trace you, you could i think end up in trouble....

(Sorry to go off topic)

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