sharing internet problem

  Myo 14:58 24 Jan 2005

Hi, i have desktop pc and sony laptop, desktop have ADSL connection and 2 network cards. I also want share interent to laptop through network card.
Firstly, i configure ip in pc and in laptop. i can ping each one and ok in share file. I setup a home network in pc, there is no problem.
Then, i also setup home network in client laptop, after setup configuration, it IP have been disappear.
In command prompt, i type ipconfig/all, it show ip is and subnet mask is

please give me suggestion.

  johnnyrocker 15:01 24 Jan 2005

a 169 ip is i believe a random genenerated one as a result of not being able to see target, you could try ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew and see what happens.


  Myo 15:10 24 Jan 2005

hi, johnnyrocker
i type in command, ipconfig/renew it show
An error occured while renewing interface lan: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.

  johnnyrocker 15:34 24 Jan 2005

you need to run release first then leave it til it informs you it is released.


  Myo 16:14 24 Jan 2005

i type ipconfig/release, the message appear, The operation failed as no adapter is in teh state permissible for this operation.

  johnnyrocker 16:18 24 Jan 2005

power off everything and leave off for 40 seconds. power up modem only initially and leave for 40 secs then power up router wait another 40 secs then finally pc and should be ok then.


  Myo 16:31 24 Jan 2005

Hi, johnnyrocker, i still problem, you have any way for suggestion me

  johnnyrocker 16:33 24 Jan 2005

are you still getting a 169 ip address, what exactly is your set up/configuration?


  Myo 16:40 24 Jan 2005

after i shutdown laptop and run again, i got my manual ip, but i can't access net from laptop. May be i need some setting to change.

  johnnyrocker 16:45 24 Jan 2005

can you check the configuration on your router because it is normally a three ip address configuration which is why i suggested the full reboot, get your router to look for the internet by scanning.


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