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Sharing internet Laptop to Desktop via ethernet?

  Jimmieson 14:23 11 Mar 2018


I bought a new PC and set it up yesterday. I realised it doesnt have a wireless adapter inside and I cant find my old wireless USB dongle thing.

So I have ordered a wireless adapter, but in the meantime is there anyway I can share my laptops connection to the desktop PC via a ethernet cable? A quick google search says yes but I cant get it working.

Also the laptop is running Windows 7 and my new desktop pc is on windows 10, so I dunno if that will be a problem when trying to do this.


  alanrwood 15:37 11 Mar 2018

Can you not connect the PC to the router using an ethernet cable. Faster and more reliable than WiFi.

No problem sharing win 7 and Win 10 computers on the same network

  Jimmieson 15:43 11 Mar 2018

Hey, well this computer is pretty far away from the router, not practical to run a cable all through the house to the router. After giving up trying to share the connection, i'm just tethering connection from my phone. This will do for now until my wireless adapter arrives. Thanks

  Forum Editor 17:15 11 Mar 2018

I'm astonished to hear that a new computer, running Windows 10 was supplied without a WiFi adapter installed. Was it custom built? It certainly can't be from one of the major suppliers.

  alanrwood 18:29 11 Mar 2018

If it is a custom desktop then I'm not surprised. If a laptop then I agree.

  wee eddie 18:38 11 Mar 2018

Sounds like an ideal candidate for Home Plugs

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