sharing an internet connection (but theres more)

  01chris 19:58 28 Jun 2005

i have an xp home pc connected to broadband, a xp home laptop with wireless and a 98 laptop with wireless. I have setup both laptops to use ics using a crossover cable running from the desktop, (but obviously i can only use 1 at a time). When i took my xp laptop to my friends house and connected it to his pc, (which connects to the net through a router) my laptop could get internet through his pc which got it through the router. Is it possible to have the 98 laptop plugged into my desktop so i can have the internet on it, so i can then get the internet wirelessly on my xp laptop, through the 98 laptop which gets it from the desktop.

Hope this makes sense.

  mgmcc 08:16 29 Jun 2005

Simple answer is "no" because you would be running Internet Connection Sharing in two PCs in the chain. The ICS "host" always has the IP address and you cannot have two PCs in the same network with an identical IP address.

In your friend's case, the router and his internet connection must have had a LAN IP address other than so that this address was available for the network adapter that you connected to in his PC.

...though why you connected to his PC and used ICS instead of connecting directly to the router seems strange, unless it was only a single port router.

What you could try is to plug a Wireless Access Point into your desktop PC's network adapter and then run the two laptops "wirelessly". While this should work OK, in practice there does *seem* to be a problem with multiple ICS "client" PCs if a client is running Windows 98. There doesn't appear to be the same problem with Windows ME or XP.

  John-259217 17:14 29 Jun 2005

You could do it the other way round by using a network bridge between the wireless and wired connections on the XP laptop.

Unfortunately Win98 doesn`t support network bridges to the best of my knowledge.

It is possible to change the network address of an ICS host after the set-up wizard has been run or the "Allow other network users to connect" box has been ticked.

In theory at least you would run the ICS set-up on the first PC then change its IP to, say, then run the set-up on the second machine allowing it to retain the default

Now you would have to play with TCP/IP setings relating to gateways, routes, NAT etc some of which Windows won`t allow you to change.

All in all it`s likely to be a pain to make work, even if it can be done, as mgmcc suggested an access point would be a more elegant solution or why not consider a wireless router?

  John-259217 18:27 29 Jun 2005

After about an hour playing around I have it working using two XP desktops and an XP laptop.

I can`t be sure if it`ll work at all when Win98 is involved but if you`re determined to try here`s what I did.

First PC set-up using ICS wizard as a sharing host then IP address changed to

Second PC initially set-up as a client using the wizard then LAN connection disabled and advanced setting changed to allow network users to access it. This enables ICS and sets the adapter to Gateway manually entered

This step was tricky as at least one other enabled network connector needed to be present before sharing could be enabled, however connections on the same net caused the set-up to fail.

Finally XP laptop connected via firewire to the second PC using manually entered addresses of for the desktop ICS host, Gateway and, Gateway for the laptop.

Would I recommend it? Not a chance! lol


  mgmcc 23:01 29 Jun 2005

<<< Would I recommend it? Not a chance! >>>

Interesting though ;-)

  01chris 11:48 30 Jun 2005

yes this will only be a tempory setup, I am planning to buy a wireless adapter for the desktop. When I get home i will try what m73john

Thanks Again


  01chris 16:21 30 Jun 2005

m73john's suggestion because it keeps telling me that a cable is unplugged. i will just wait until my wireless adapter arrives

thanks everyone

  John-259217 20:04 30 Jun 2005

I can`t say I`m surprised <grin>

A wireless adapter is a much better idea.

I set it up more as an academic exercise but forcing Windows to do something it doesn`t like is not easy.

I had the two desktops initially connected using a network switch. At various points in the wizard I was pulling the plugs out to stop Windows working out what was going on. Once I had that working I changed the switch/patch leads for a xover cable, then added the laptop via firewire.

If I ever needed a set-up like this (multiple firewall/routers between internal networks, webservers and the internet is the closest that springs to mind) I wouldn`t do it with Windows anyway. (My choice, pf on OpenBSD in case you were wondering, mgmcc).

Good luck with the wireless adapter, post again if you need help when it arrives.


  intel 00:01 03 Jul 2005

how do i transfer files etc from my desktop to my laptop

  Taff36 00:28 03 Jul 2005

Post this as a new subject but tell us what equipment you`ve got. (Wireless, network connections etc) What operating systems are on each machine? No one will find this question because you`ve posted on a resolved thread which doesn`t usually attract too much attention.

Go to "Start New Subject" top left of the screen - catch you later!

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