Sharing internet connection

  Nazzarenu Boy 15:35 13 Jul 2006

I have a wired network at home.

Now I was told that if want to share an internet connection i should go to network connection, right click on the internet connection, click on properties, than go advanced, then click the box for that allows other network users to use the connection.

But when i go to other computers in the network they do not connect to the internet. (I did not change any setting in the other computers.... did i want to change some setting) I do not know what is happening.
Can anyone help so that i can solve my problem.

Thanks forwardly

Yours sincerely

Nazzarenu Boy

  Nazzarenu Boy 15:42 13 Jul 2006

I m using a Speedtouch 530.... that my isp provided me.... I think it is a adsl modem ... but it is also a router ..(thats what i found on certain sites) It have to out ports, one ethern and the other usb. So i use these two ports two connect to desktop computers to each other ( both running Windows Xp). Now they connect to each other and i can share files and printer. But when i come to the internet connection it is a halt. I can only connect to my isp with a conection from one computer. So a friend told me to share the internet to the other computer by the method i explained in the above post. But the other computer does not connect to the internet ( as explained above)

Thanks forwardly

  Nazzarenu Boy 16:30 14 Jul 2006

Pls help ........ i m going crazy if i dont solve this problem ........ i want to share my internet connection......... help

thanks forwardly.........

sorry for making two identical threads.......

  Nazzarenu Boy 11:28 15 Jul 2006

i m rather impatient pls help me......... i will have a break down ... sorry 'dms05' but could you write the same thing you wrote in the other identical thread .. in here because the other was deleted by the forum editor. Sorry .......... help help

  spikeychris 18:11 15 Jul 2006


How are the other machines to know they are to connect to the machine you are sharing? You will need to configure them. You can either use XP’s network wizard or right click the adaptor on the machine you are sharing and go to props (as you have done in the past) Double click TCPIP and tick ‘use the following IP address’. Type and in the subnet box. Leave everything else blank.

Go to the other machines and do the same – right click the adaptor and give the first machine an IP address of – do the same with any others increasing the last number by one. Use the same subnet This time type in the default gateway box.

  spikeychris 18:17 15 Jul 2006

Are you saying that the machine connected to the router direct is connected via ethernet and the other uses a USB cable from the same router? If so just use the network wizard in control panel.

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