sharing internet?

  s-256399 11:41 22 Mar 2006

i have just been given another p.c which will be going in my sons room, i am a real dummie about networks but have been searching internet to see what i need to buy and its getting confusing, my p.c is set up with broadband modem plugged into usb, no network card. i was just wondering if i need to network the 2 desktop p.cs or could i not just buy another broadband modem to plug into second p.c, i only want to share internet account, couldn't we just sign in on both p.cs in the same way? would thet both be able to be online at the same time?

  freaky 15:45 22 Mar 2006

You would need to setup a Wireless Network. This would involve the purchase of a Router and two Wireless Network Cards.

Both PC's would then be able to share the BB Modem independently.

Suggest you go to PC World with all the details of both PC's - they will then be able to advise you. Suggest you purchase Belkin products.

Hope that helps.

  palinka 19:26 22 Mar 2006

freaky's method is simplest and it will allow both pcs to be on-line at the same time. The method you suggest (if it is possible at all) would involve unplugging & re-plugging and it would NOT be possible for both machines to access the internet at same time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 22 Mar 2006

If you have a router and two wireless cards you can use either PC on the net at any time (separately or together)

If you do not want to open the PCs yto fit a wireless card you can use wireless dongles that plug into the USB here

TThe cheapest way is to use two wirelesss dongles (£20 each) forget the router and networ the second pC off the first and share the internet connetion via the modem. this means your son could not acess the iinternet unless the main PC with the modem is switched on( a good way of ccontrolling amount of use) click here

  wobblymike 06:51 23 Mar 2006

just to try and enhance the help you have above,
before you go wireless you need to answer one simple question - do you want your slave pc to be able to access the net independantly of the master PC? If no then you just need 2 wireless adapter cards one in each PC I have fitted this set up on a number of ocassions normally when parents want to control their kids access to the net.
If yes then you will need a wireless modem/router (I use BT Voyager 2091 and its fine)and a wireless pci expansion card (d-link is fine but there are loads). Both the modem and router you can get on e bay without too much expense. Connect the router to your master PC via an ethernet cable, set it up iaw the instructions (dead easy) and you're on the net. Set up the security side of it iaw the instructions using a password (again dead easy).
Fit the pci expansion card to the slave pc, set up the security using the same password and thats it. You then have a secure wireless system. If you need more post back.

  s-256399 19:44 10 Apr 2006

thanks for your help, i decided that it would be a good idea to change isp to wanadoo and get livebox but after waiting 10 days for it to arrive and reading lots of bad reviews i cancelled. so then i went and bought linksys wag54gs and linksys usb adapter, i now have first p.c with ethernet wire to adsl gateway and second p.c with wireless adapter, internet sharing was fine to set up but my problem is sharing files, printer etc, both p.c have xp pro there is no sign of either p.c in my network connections, i have tried running all the network connections in control panel, and ive been trying for days, as i said networks are new to me but i think ive learnt a bit, any help or ideas would be good

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