Sharing files etc.

  loopyloo 13:38 01 Sep 2006

Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong in setting up file sharing/printers. I am connected via router to a desktop and laptop wireless and both can get the internet ok. My problem is that I have shared some files on both computers and printer, but they do not show in each others network places. I have sorted out the firewall settings but I must have not done something else what needs to be done.

  STREETWORK 21:29 01 Sep 2006

double click on 'my computer', you should be able to see the shared folder. If you don't then you need to set one up.

  loopyloo 14:42 02 Sep 2006

The folders are showing shared but I still can't see my desktop shared folders and vice versa. All I did was go into my computer system properties and set the workgroup name. Im I suppossed to do something else.

  STREETWORK 22:24 02 Sep 2006

OK, you need to set one up. Open 'My Documents' create a new folder, call it say 'Shared Files'

Right click on the new folder and select properties. Click the tab for sharing, place a tick in the box for sharing over the network. Bingo you have it...

  loopyloo 17:16 04 Sep 2006

Ive been doing this but still can't see files and printer.

  STREETWORK 20:55 04 Sep 2006

Have you opened 'my computer' there should be a shared document file there.

Printer may not show but when you print from the second PC it should print, have you tried it yet?

Post Back

  loopyloo 14:55 05 Sep 2006

Hi its showing as a shared document but still can't pick it up of each of the computers. Also tried printing but to no avail. At first I thought it was the firewall blocking so I switched it off but that didn't help. Can you please tell me right from the beginning what I have to do to set up wireless networking and I will see if I have carried out the right instructions. As I said before my desktop is connected via router and works on the internet and my laptop works ok but I must have not set something else up. Help would be most appreciated.

  STREETWORK 21:13 05 Sep 2006

If your PC's can access the internet then it should not be nessesary to set up again.

Check on each Pc that you can see the shared folder. This will be seen by double clicking 'My Computer' and should appear at the top looking like a folder call 'Shared Documents' or similar.

Also check in 'My Computer' that there is a shared network drive, it will be allocated a drive letter possibly 'Z'. This is not a real hard drive just a bit of the main PC's drive.

Next open 'control panel', then 'printers and faxes' right click your printer, select the properties, then 'shared tab' and place a tick in the box to share the printer.


In Control Panel open 'Network Connections' you should see your connections here, if you do not then use the 'create a new connection' seen on the left. Follow the prompts to set one up.

If the connections already exist you will need to tell the remote ones how to connect by bridging the connections. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and select your broadband connection and the one you want to link to. Right click the remote connection and select bridge, this will set up the connection so that you can use the main PC's connection and printer.

Try this, bit by bit and post back results.

PS: I used to call my daughter Loopyloo :)

  loopyloo 15:17 06 Sep 2006

Thank you for the information. I will try this and get back to you.

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