Sharing files between 2 pc's

  lap1ngtong 03:45 29 Mar 2010

I'm tryin to share files between two pc's, one is running XP and wired to DLink router, other is running Win7 and connected wirelessly to router, they can both access Internet, both are in the same Workgroup, I can see the folder(s) I'm sharing on each machine (not sharing root of C :) but get access denied when I try to open folder(s), on XP machine message is \\pcname\folder is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource, Win 7 PC I log into with password, but not XP PC, is there settings I have to change in Windows Firewalls? the router? Antivirus software? (XP PC has CA security centre, Win & came with Bullguard 90 day usage)
Help much appreciated, thanks in advance

  mgmcc 08:28 29 Mar 2010

The problem is most likely to be the firewall in XP which needs to be configured to allow access to the Win 7 PC. This is done by adding the Win 7 PC's IP address, or better still the Subnet, in the "trusted" section of the firewall settings. I'm not familiar with CA Security Suite to be more specific than that.

[If the router's IP address is then the Subnet address is and the Subnet Mask is]

  mgmcc 08:30 29 Mar 2010

P.S. Just noticed you have a D-Link router, so its address will be and the Subnet address will be

  lap1ngtong 12:05 29 Mar 2010

not sure how and where to do that have looked at windows firewall and under exceptions it says programs, ports but not an actual ip address? or am i overlooking the obvious? lol

  mgmcc 14:46 29 Mar 2010

If you've run the networking wizard, Windows should have configured its own firewall to allow access.

I was assuming that your CA Security Suite included a firewall, which would need to be configured. If this is correct, you shouldn't also be running XP's built-in firewall.

  lap1ngtong 16:34 29 Mar 2010

That sort of makes sense as I can now connect from XP PC to Win 7 PC...(I noticed on Belarc Advisor that IP was and read somewhere that :24 was a port number, so forwarded that port on router, making sure I was sharing the folder as well! and it seemed to work from XP to Win 7?? which is half the battle! lol I havent run Network setup as the Win 7 connected to the router straight out of the box! should I run that now

  lap1ngtong 20:28 29 Mar 2010

Thanks mgmcc, I turned off both firewalls on XP PC and could connect, when I restarted the the XP PC the CA firewall was turned on and I could still connect to the Win 7 PC and vice versa, so have left it at that! No doubt there will be more problems along the way but for now it seems fine so thanks again

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