sharing connection over bluetooth

  wky 20:35 08 Dec 2005

Hi, I have a laptop with a WIDCOMM built in bluetooth and also a desktop pc with a bluetooth dongle attached. My desktop is connected to the internet through a router and I was wondering how I would share the desktop internet connection with my laptop using bluetooth. I tried it but couldnt figure it out how to make the internet work on the laptop. Any ideas? Thanks.

  mgmcc 21:37 08 Dec 2005

I have tried, but been unable, to get "Internet Connection Sharing" to work over a Bluetooth connection.

The problem is that, in order to enable Internet Connection Sharing, there has to be a free network adapter to connect to the client PC. Windows doesn't recognise the Bluetooth adapter as a valid network adapter for this purpose. I've managed to get file sharing to work over the PAN (Personal Area Network), but that's it. With a file transfer speed of 1Mbps, it is not exactly a fast network!

Why though are you trying to share the desktop's internet connection instead of connecting the laptop directly to the router? That, after all, is the purpose of a router.

  wky 22:08 08 Dec 2005

well the router is downstairs and my desktop is upstairs in my room, see. I am sure it is possible though, I networked two laptops using bluetooth with a 700kbps speed which is enough for surfing, but the internet just didnt work.

  mgmcc 00:37 09 Dec 2005

I have just spent about an hour trying to get "Internet Connection Sharing" working over Bluetooth and am no further forward. I can network the two PCs for File sharing without a problem, using either TCP/IP or IPX/SPX, but the internet just doesn't work.

I had to install a second network adapter to be able to set up ICS on the first network adapter (which connects to the router), then disabled the second network adapter and gave the Bluetooth adapter the address, but in doing so the first adapter lost its "sharing" status.

You might have more luck running a proxy server in the "host" instead of ICS.

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