Sharing connection between PC and Playstation 2...

  FITLAD123 20:04 01 Oct 2004

Hey all,

I heard its possible to share my broadband connection between my PC and PS2. I have a network adapter for my PS2 installed etc...
Im on NTL 750k... Using the NTL BB Modem.
Can someone explain how this is done? Just so i dont have to switch the cables all the time. And is it possible to get this done wirelessly?

Thank You!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:34 01 Oct 2004

hi i don't have a ps2 myself,but what is the connection used on the network adaptor eg.ethernet?.

  FITLAD123 23:17 01 Oct 2004

Yes ethernet :)

Thank You

  Tim1964 00:45 02 Oct 2004

This site has a forum specifically for PS2's using NTL click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:10 02 Oct 2004

hi,in that case,on your broadband modem,are you connecting via usb,or ethernet,if by usb is there a free ethernet port?,if so then all youll need is a **M UTP cable,you better check tims link as it is specific,cheers.ben

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