sharing a connection and antivirus

  rdh660 15:26 25 Nov 2004

I am hoping to use two computers which both run xp home and are networked via a crossover cable to access my about to be activated broadband connection. I believe I will be able (if I can get it right) to enable internet connection sharing on the PC with the broadband access which will mean I can surf the net on the other machine also using my broadband connection. I also believe that in this setup the main PC will need to be on.
Will I have to install antivirus and firwalls on BOTH PC's or will the second one simply use the products on the PC connected directly to the net. The modem is a usb type and I don't want the expense of a router etc if I can help it as I am not concerned that the 2nd PC cannot connect independently of the one with the broadband connection.

Thanks for your time.

  Jeffers22 15:39 25 Nov 2004

You will need AV on both PCs. I would also suggest you need firewall protection on both.

  ACOLYTE 15:41 25 Nov 2004

You need AV on both,but you only really need a firewall on the one that connects direct to net.

  rdh660 15:48 25 Nov 2004

Thanks for the quick responses.... this forum is absolutely brilliant and it is really pleasing to find people so willing to give time to help us novices.

Thanks again
A very grateful Rob

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