Sharing C Drive on network

  jimmer409® 09:57 27 Mar 2005

Help please, desktop running xp sp2 fat32, laptop same but using NTFS, on the laptop i can see all the decktop c drive and open the folders, but on desktop i can see all the folders, but can't open program files or windows, both show empty and when it try to open it says access denied, is this because of the file system difference, or am i doing something wrong. both c drives are showing shared in my computer

  jimmer409® 11:07 27 Mar 2005


  01chris 11:32 27 Mar 2005

try right clicking on the hard drive icon then click sharing and security then make sure the box that says "allow network users to change my files" is ticked

  jimmer409® 13:28 27 Mar 2005

thanks chris, yes tried that, also i don't want to allow changes via the network.

  jimmer409® 15:37 27 Mar 2005

still waiting for the wireless network guru

  jimmer409® 05:47 28 Mar 2005


  selfbuild 08:54 28 Mar 2005

What firewall are you using?

  Simsy 10:04 28 Mar 2005

I'm open to correction, but I don't think a FAT32 formatted OS can see a NTFS formatted partition, so you would get the symptons you describe.

I repeat that I'm open to correction on this!



  uisquebeathus 13:52 28 Mar 2005

have you tried to create a user for each machine.
if the files are opened by another user it can happen that the folders are seen but rhe actual files docs etc. are not seen.
FAT32 formatted OS can see a NTFS formatted files this is not a major problem. this pc has three operating systems on both fat32 and ntfs and with users set up i can see all files

  jimmer409® 14:47 28 Mar 2005

Not sure exactly what you mean by creating a user for each machine, there is only one user on each machine at present, and that's me. am using norton firewall on the laptop and windows sp2 on the desktop, norton anti-virus on laptop and avg on desktop, thanks for the replies so far.

  Simsy 17:38 28 Mar 2005

I stand corrected!



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