Bertie B 18:45 15 Apr 2004

Don't know whether it's possible - perhaps someone has the answer!?

I have one ISP broadband account with BT Internet but I have two BT ADSL Modems. As I have not yet taken the step to install wirefree networking - and would like to avoid it if possible - I am wondering if there is any way for my daughter to connect at the same time I am connected. Problem is that she does not have her own ISP Account - she uses a BT Email Address on my account as one of the 5 addresses I am allowed. The big question is -can you connect two ADSL modems to one telephone line and if so what will happen if one trys to connect whilst the other is already connected??

  recap 18:49 15 Apr 2004

A router could be the solution to your problem?

  AL D. 19:39 15 Apr 2004
  byfordr 19:43 15 Apr 2004

Two modems on the same line case problems! Don't do it!

Some form of router is what you want. If you can attach the modem to it then you can use the pcs independantely if not the pc with the modem needs to be on. The best solution imo is to get a all in one effort with a intergrated modem and router. DG834G is one with everything including wireless g, and a firewall.


  byfordr 19:45 15 Apr 2004

causes even...

  anon1 19:45 15 Apr 2004

To answer your question, in a nutshell no you cannot run 2 adsl modems on one line. You need a router, each machine will need an ethernet card and you will need cables (1 for each) to connect to the router. an adls broadband router will cost £40 to £60 ( best to get an ethernet one rather than usb)

  Bagsey 19:50 15 Apr 2004

<The big question is -can you connect two ADSL modems to one telephone line and if so what will happen if one trys to connect whilst the other is already connected??>
The answer to that quetion is (Nothing) You can do what you suggest and it will work but you will need to close down the other computer first. The reson for this as I understand it is that unlike dial up systems which provide addresses to each computer on dial up Broadband is an always on system in which you are allocated a permenant address for your account so you can not have two modems on at the same time.
A wired network using a crossover cable is the cheap alternative especially if your compters have network cards already fitted.

  Bagsey 19:56 15 Apr 2004

I should have added that even with a dial up system you would need to close the internet connection on one machich before logging in on the other.
A router is not essential if you use a wired system. I use that method for my computer and my wifes laptop with no noticeable drop in speed.

  Bertie B 21:17 15 Apr 2004

Thanks Guys

So a Router is required - and then a wireless network adapter in each PC [PCI or USB] to connect to the router - there will be 3 PCs!? Sorry to be obtuse but I am not sure whether the Router replaces my existing USB ADSL Modem [in other words it is in part a modem - in which case I assume it would have to have a software package capable of connecting to BT Internet!?] or whether the router needs to be able to utilise my existing modem??

  byfordr 21:34 15 Apr 2004

If its a all in one effort yes...if not use the same modem, with a router with a usb input.

£95 DG834G £80 belkin effort click here linksys, dlink...any of the major brands do one.

for more...

click here

  Bertie B 21:55 15 Apr 2004

Cheers Pal!!

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