Sharing brodaband, Router/Modem

  Chezdez 20:40 10 Jan 2005

me and my mate are looking to share my internet connection, and i was just wondering what we need.
i know it'll be a router/modem, but i'm not sure which type will work. we tried using the Dynamode All In One ADSL Router+ADSL Modem+4Port Switch+VPN+Rules Firewall, but it didn't work
My ISP is Pipex, and you need to have a password and username to log onto the network. i am currently using a speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem, which came with the set up pack, for my connection.
so, which router/modem will work, baring on mind that i am required to connect to the network, its not an always on line.
i believe the type of connection i have is PPPoE, but i'm not entirely sure.

  Chezdez 20:40 10 Jan 2005

by the way, i phoned Pipex up, and they couldn't help me out

  mitey_won 20:52 10 Jan 2005

im with pipex and im using a belkin combined wireless adsl modem/router using pppoa. I don't know much techie stuff, but i think you use pppoe for single setup with log in but use pppoa for a network.
you should have some instructions from pipex - "setting up your connection". The router settings are at the bottom under "advanced settings".

dunno if this helps

  Chezdez 21:20 10 Jan 2005

i forgot all about the advanced settings, oops :S

can anyone provide any further information on this, i think he may be right, but some more technical info on this would be appreciated, cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 10 Jan 2005

click here

  Chezdez 21:35 10 Jan 2005

will i still need my speedtouch modem in order to use a router?

  mitey_won 21:37 10 Jan 2005

access your router settings by typing in your browser.
You can configure it to PPPOA and assign primary dns and secondary dns as supplied on the pipex advanced settings.

  VideoSentry 21:43 10 Jan 2005

One for Me

  Chezdez 21:44 10 Jan 2005

last question, will the Dynamode All In One ADSL Router+ADSL Modem+4Port Switch+VPN+Rules Firewall work for this type of connection?

  mitey_won 22:11 10 Jan 2005

that product (from what i gather) has a built in adsl modem so you wont need the old speedtouch modem.
as soon as you plug in your modem/router it will establish a connection and you wont have to dial up. as long as you have set it up properly of course.

  Chezdez 22:29 10 Jan 2005

ok guys, thanks for all your help
we've re-ordered the router, i'll post agin on friday when i know if it's working or not!

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