Sharing Broadband Connection problems??

  AMD 4 ever 18:36 02 Oct 2003

Hi all...I have currently got 2 pc's using a wireless Belkin PCI network card. However I am having trouble sharing the PC's files and can't get the second one connected to the net. Please help me....I am a total network virgin!

  spikeychris 18:48 02 Oct 2003

How've you set it up? dynamic IP or static? what O/S?

  AMD 4 ever 19:13 02 Oct 2003

spikeychris, Lost me...One is xp pro and xp home.
I havn't touched the ip do i do that?

  MjM Hellfire 19:25 02 Oct 2003

You need to give each pc its own provate IP address eg.

START _ CONTROL PANEL _ NETWORK CONNECTIONS and click on the Network COnnection icon and enter whats below.

PC 1 -

PC 2 -

Both of their Subnet masks should be

Who is you ISP? Get their DNS numbers as well and enter them in the same area as above.

They need to be on the same Workgroup as well eg MSHOME...Right click on My Computer, click Change...make sure both pc's get the same treatment here.

Enable file and print sharing on both pc's as well.


Do you have a hub or router ect? It sounds as if you do not have a default gateway for the pc that's not reaching the net, or you may need to manually enter the DNS numbers of your ISP.

Need more description of your setup.

  AMD 4 ever 19:29 02 Oct 2003

I can't get to see how to change the IP Address?

  MjM Hellfire 19:41 02 Oct 2003

Do you have one PC connected to the net?

  AMD 4 ever 10:32 03 Oct 2003

Yes One is permentaly connected to the net

  spikeychris 12:59 03 Oct 2003

From control panel double click the network connection icon, double click your network icon and click Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

Click the properties button and this will show how you are getting the internet.

Does it say obtain an IP auto? and is your DHCP will find this by clicking the advanced button at the bottom of the screen.

  AMD 4 ever 13:07 03 Oct 2003

It says use this mnually, then it has:
IP, submask net, nothing in gateway, so shall I change these to:
PC 1 -

PC 2 -


I do not know my dns details...I am with pipex??

  spikeychris 13:12 03 Oct 2003

No you don't have to change it. Have you installed Internet connection sharing?, as this would change your IP to static.

  AMD 4 ever 13:17 03 Oct 2003 I am not too sue wha/where/how to 'Have you installed Internet connection sharing?,'

sorry bout this.

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