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  pl 19:35 30 Sep 2004

I have 3 PCs all networked. The network is up and running and I can share files and printers. I have finally got broadband and want to make the connection available to all computers on the network. What settings do I need to change in order to do this? P.S. I have tried following click here but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

  steven_frost 19:39 30 Sep 2004

if your using an usb modem not such luck you need a adsl router to do this

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 20:48 30 Sep 2004

broadband routers are relativly cheap to buy just make sure you have the correct one ie adsl or cable mine cost £35 for a basic 4 port cable router with firewall.Alternativly if you are using xp have one machine as the gateway and use the internet connection sharing wizard i know you can do this with 2 machines not sure about more though someone may be able to let you know for definite. (downside to the last method gateway machine would have to be on to allow others to connect where as with a router each machine could connect indepentantly)

  Dipso 21:24 30 Sep 2004

According to this click here can share a USB broadband connection without a router.

  Dipso 21:27 30 Sep 2004

Sorry, you had already said that but it implies it can be done with 3 PC's.

  pl 21:31 30 Sep 2004

When I try to access the link I recieve the message: Page Not Found
The page you were looking for was not found. Please double check the address you entered.
Can you repost the link.

  Noelg23 21:32 30 Sep 2004

I was living with two other guys and one of them had Telewest Broadband so I went out and bought a Broadband router and just plugged them all in..i rang telewest to give them the MAC address of the router and within 30min me and my other flatmate were able to use the Net thru the router...If I were you...i would buy a ethernet modem first then get a router with at least 4 ports and just read thru the configuration and you should be up and away in no time...

  Dipso 21:41 30 Sep 2004
  Misty Blue 21:42 30 Sep 2004

I have two computers connected on a LAN with a USB ADSL Modem on one.
To enable both computers to use Modem use host computer d/click 'My network places' then 'view network connections' You should see your ADSL modem listed r/click then click connect and enter your password etc as requested.
This will connect your modem to the internet.
Now connect from each computer through whichever provider you are with and this should work.
If you still have problems you may need to re-configure any firewall you have as this can block the connection.
If necessary switch off the firewalls on both computers and try again. If it works re-configure the Firewall.

  pl 07:59 01 Oct 2004

is the same as the second diagram on click here with a usb modem and a 8 port network switch. How do I configure my host computer to be the gateway? and How do I use the ICS wizard? I can't find it anywhere. I am running XP Pro on all three systems.
Thanks for the Responses so far

  pl 16:19 01 Oct 2004

I can get one pc connected and can view duration and speed of connection but when I try to visit a website I get 'Page cannot be [email protected] message. What do have to configure to visit the websites on the client PC?
Thanks for the responses so far.

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