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  Sue100 22:31 08 Apr 2004

I have 2 stand alone pc's and I want them to share the Broadband connection, I don't want to network them. I was told to buy a 4-port ADSL Router but I don't understand the installation procedure. The router has one USB port and 4 RJ45's. I plugged one machine into the USB firstly and one RJ45 into the wall socket and loaded the software. Whilst it says it is loading the USB driver it doesn't seem to be there after. Any ideas???????

  hugh-265156 23:50 08 Apr 2004

i cant offer you any advice sorry but this will bump it up for you.^

what make and model of router and operating systems etc may help others help you a bit.

  LastChip 23:56 08 Apr 2004

Are you saying you have bought a combined ADSL Modem/Router? In other words, the modem is built into the router. Or are you saying you have bought a Router that is suitable for use with ADSL?

If you give us the make and model of the router, one of us should be able to offer more specific help.

  Sue100 00:17 09 Apr 2004

Yes, it's a combined modem/router. It is a Mentor ADSL-MR4C

  daba 00:27 09 Apr 2004

If there's no markings on the ports to the contrary....

It seems to me like your 4 RJ45 ports are for ethernet connections to up to 4 'extra' PCs (in your case only 1 needed, for the 'other' PC), the USB connection then goes to the PC that has the ADSL modem connection to the phone line (call it the 'master' if it helps, the other PCs 'slave')

From your post it seems like you've tried to connect an ethernet port to the phone line.

  Sue100 00:43 09 Apr 2004

Sorry, maybe I'm not explaining myself too well. I have connected my 'master' pc via the USB lead to the router and at this stage have not connected the 2nd pc to anything. I have then connected the router to the wall socket with an RJ45 cable - there is nothing in the 4 RJ45 ports yet. I then tried to load the software/driver for the router and although it says 'loading USB driver' is doesn't seem to do anything!

  daba 00:48 09 Apr 2004

no probs

try click here

seems to be pretty comprehensive.

in the words of the venerated Gandalf
"Google is your Friend"

  Sue100 00:57 09 Apr 2004

Thanks, I'll have a read of that tomorrow, right now I need some sleep.

  LastChip 00:58 09 Apr 2004

There seems to be a lack of information available for this device. Is there a manual or readme file on the CD that came with it? This should explain the setup procedure.

It appears you can use the USB port and RJ45 ports simultaneously, although it would be an unusual setup. Normally each PC would be connected via it's network card to a RJ45 port.

The router itself should be connected directly to your telephone socket and most commonly, this would be a RJ11 connector, which is smaller than a RJ45. Can you see any such socket on the router?

Almost certainly the router will need to be configured and this will be done via your PC through software supplied with the router. Again, somewhere should be instructions on how to go about this task.

I would suggest you take a look in Windows Explorer at the contents of the CD and see what information (if any) is available to you.

  Sue100 01:10 09 Apr 2004

Yes, there is an instruction manual on the software CD. I printed it out and went through it very carefully step by step but I only got as far as step 2. The first step was to load the USB driver and like I previously said it looked as if that was complete then the second step was to click on easy set-up. At this stage I should have been able to see a 'country set-up screen' but my dial-up connection box kept popping up and I couldn't get past it. I don't think the driver installed at all. I can't see it in device manager and there is no software listed in add/remove programs.

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