Bagpipes 17:13 28 Jan 2010

I have a network of three computers and i could access any disk drive from any one of them until i reinstalled XP on one of them. I have the sharing hand on the hard drive but can only get as far as Documents and Settings after that access is not allowed from the other computers on my network. Under Sharing in the properties section the part Local sharing and security "Make this folder private" is ticked and grey out. I think that if i could un-tick this my problem would be solved. Can any one help please?

  danielgent 10:52 29 Jan 2010

have you gone through the network sharing wizard? sometimes this sorts out wierd stuff like this.
assuming since you reinstalled you've made sure all PCs are on the same workgroup and etc?

  Bagpipes 18:48 29 Jan 2010

Trie using the network wizard, no good and yes they are all on the same workgroup. I can access the hard drive and Docs and Settings it is after that i cant get into any folders, thanks for the thought tho`.

  dawood 15:22 30 Jan 2010

Private folder can be set/unset on folders in your user profile only. If that folder is owned by other user, then you need to log in as other user and unset the private folder setting. Hope this helps.

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