Shareware virtual printer wanted

  Dorsai 20:10 10 Sep 2004

The App I/we use at work has the unwanted desire to print hard copies of everything and anything i/we do.

This results in a 'reports' printer with a bin under it, so that the unwanted printout of every petty, minor, actions just go directly into the bin.

I realise that tracability is required, but the system produces so much bumf that the gold is lost in the dross, and if any one ever wanted a copy of anyting (a rare event) is is quicker to use the 'copy document' option, that can be searched by date, doc type, producing user etc, and then re-print the required doc.

this computer archive is set up to keep everyting for the legally requierd minimum for that type of document.

The other option, spend ages searching through piles of archived rubbish. Many of these documents are pointless, as the system then prints out a summary report of all these doc's when the end of day routine is ran. This is also archived in the PC.

So The point of this thread.

can anyone recomend a 'virtual printer' i can install on my PC at work so that the really usless printouts can be electronically binned, Instead of printing somting out, just to throw it away.

The app gives no choice

'this document has be committed, it must be printed'

So i print it, and bin it.

All the ones i have found on the net print to PDF or some other form of file. I just want to 'print it into the recycle bin'

  Dorsai 14:38 11 Sep 2004

Surly some one knows the answer.

There must be some way of setting up a non existant printer, just to fool an app into thinking is has printed somting, when it has not.

All i am trying to do is not waste paper.


  originalmiscellany 00:09 19 Dec 2004

at our school we have a freeware prog which creates PDF documents, and is set up as a virtual printer...
Nothing is hard printed, and the pdfs can be deleted instantly. And you use it by installing it as a printer.

BTW this is one of the most interesting threads I've read recently.

click here

  TomJerry 01:35 19 Dec 2004

Adobe Acrobat click here is the king but expensive

fineprint pdffactory click here is good as well

pdf995 is free click here

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