shareware / freeware

  SHED 10:16 14 Jan 2003
  SHED 10:16 14 Jan 2003

call me thick or what but what is shareware and freeware, are they both the same or are they both different and what does it intail if downloaded any programs thanks for any help

  Mac & Beth 10:19 14 Jan 2003

Freeware is FREE

Shareware is usually try for free for 30 days / 10 trials etc and then pay if you still use it. Sometimes you get a limited version and then the full version if you pay.

  SHED 10:22 14 Jan 2003

thanks mac and beth

  Gemma 10:36 14 Jan 2003

Freeware- programs offered for no charge but may be subject to copyright or intellectual property rights. Sometimes provided on a no fee licence.

Shareware- programs offered on an "honour" system where you pay if you choose to use it for your benefit. IP and copyrights as above. The offer may expire after a certain time.

Commercial- you must pay a licence fee to use it else you may be subject to legal proceedings.

All the above normally require you to accept the terms of a EULA (end user license agreement) which is normally just a click on an "Accept" button.

All the above are the same in terms of download and installation and will use whatever mechanisms the author chooses.

"Public domain" offerings usually make the source code (not just the executables) available so that they can be modified.

As you will appreciate, the law is complex and difficult to enforce. To stay squeaky clean, stick to the agreement you said yes to....

  €dstow 10:43 14 Jan 2003

Be careful with both. They have been known to download some very undesirable things as well as the ones you are expecting. Freeware is worse at that.

Make sure your A/V, firewall and spyware remover (esp. first and last) are up to date and working before you download anything the least bit doubtful.

Having said that, there are some very good freeware programs but an awful lot not so good.


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