Shared programs not just files....HELP!

  Jon41 08:38 25 Sep 2008

I've just started a small business and need to link 3 computers (desktops) so that they all are able to run the same program simultaneously. We use a program with a diary, contact list, telephone numbers etc. for booking work in. So somehow I need all three people to be able to view, add to or edit the same diary. By the way, each computer is in a seperate office. Complete newbie to networking seeks answers he can understand!!!
Thanks for your help in advance

  ambra4 12:49 25 Sep 2008

Normally you can't share programs by running a program installed on one computer from another computer

When you install a program it adds files in numerous directories - EG Windows, application Data, Shared and so on.

When you run the program it will look locally (C Drive) for the files it needs.

Obviously, if you try to run from another machine the bits it needs will not be present and will not run.

You need to install the program on all local machines, which will allow you to work with files from

the other computer

You will need to purchase the program with the correct multiply user license

Multiple user license versions of programs are more expensive and you buy base on the amount of

users that will be allow to access the program 5 user license £300, 10 user license £700, 15 user

license £1000 etc

  Jon41 09:29 02 Oct 2008

thanks for the info. can it not be done with a p2p network and a ethernet hub? do the programs still have to be instaled on each computer? as i understood it a p2p network of computers can access each others hard drives as well as files

  mgmcc 11:59 02 Oct 2008

Although you can "share" and access Folders and Printers over a network, you *CANNOT* run a program in the local PC over the network if it is only installed in the remote PC.

For example, to open Word .DOC files in the remote PC over the network, you *MUST* install Word in the local PC too.

  setecio 20:30 03 Oct 2008

I would guess a web based program would be designed for this sort of use, something like google calendar.

  lynken 00:25 04 Oct 2008

There is a way of doing this, can all your computers see each other, if so then you need to decide which is the master computer for access, when you install the software on the master computer you will then need to mark that folder as a shared folder. install the software on your other computers but when it askes for the location to install you will need to point the software to the shared folder on your network. it will complain that it needs to overwrite the files, let it and install the files. after the installs all the machines should be looking at the samee data that each machine is entering.

within your software it will ask you a location for your saved files, make sure that you select your shared folder on the network.

Let me know howyou get on.


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