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  Jackcoms 10:48 10 Jun 2006

My elder daughter, who is at University, moves into off-campus accommodation with 5 friends in September and, like an idiot, I've volunteered to set up Internet connections for them!

I understand from their landlord that a router is installed in the property and this is hard-wired to each of the 6 bedrooms with a BT socket in each bedroom. Unfortunately, I DON'T know the make/model of the router.

My daughter and friends have decided on Virgin's "up to" 8Mbps package because it doesn't require a minimum 12 month contract.

To get all 6 laptops connected to the Virgin service do I simply use the Virgin CD to install the necessary files on each laptop or do I also have to do something highly technical (!!!) with the router?

  ed-0 11:03 10 Jun 2006

The router, if it has been used before, will probably have the old tennants ISP installed on it. This will be the username and password, plus the PPPoA of the ISP.

If it is, you will need to reset the router to factory settings, usually a secreted button on the router. The landlord may have already done this.

If you knew the make of the router, then you could find the address you need to access the settings of the router. The address is usually something like or This just lets you use the setup wizard of the router, where you input the user name and password of the prson with the internet account. Virgin should give you the two numbers you need for there account. ( PPPoA )

So you should hard wire the first computer to the network. Enter the address bar number and fill in the details. You should then get a green connection bar, in the router setup and you are then connected. The other computers can then just be connected to the network and they should connect straight away.

When all are connected, change the log-on password for the router, so no one else can alter the settings and put at least a hexidecimal passwor to secure the internet line. Write down the code you have thought up and put that on to every computer in the network. This will make the network secure.

If you can't find the access code for the router, ask the landlord for the router setup disk. This should walk you through the router setup.

  Taff™ 11:04 10 Jun 2006

Normally you would plug in the first laptop and access the routers setup. This may vary depending on the router but typically you type in into the address bar of your browser.

Input the account details for Virgin, Username, password and connection details etc which will be supplied by Virgin. Once the router is set up the other laptops should connect to the LAN. You will need to set up security though but once the key is entered on each laptop connection should be automatic. It is probably not necessary to run the Virgin CD on every laptop.

  Taff™ 11:05 10 Jun 2006


  Jackcoms 15:59 10 Jun 2006

Thanks for your responses.

That should help. I just need to get the make and model (and instruction book) of the router from the landlord now, I guess.

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