shared files not working 100%

  tenplus1 13:19 29 Oct 2005

I have my main computer connected to the internet and sharing both the internet connection and shared files through a wireless card...

My laptop connects to the internet no problem but cannot see the shared files on the computer ..but.. the computer can see the shared files on the laptop...

Both systems are setup exactly the same and use Sygate Personal Firewall (which has been disabled for file share testing also and no joy)...

Any ideas ???

  Strawballs 00:01 30 Oct 2005

Have you tried right clicking on the files that you ant to share on the computer and selecting shareing and security and checking that they are set up for shareing

  Newuser4165 11:06 30 Oct 2005

In XP Home you may find thaat Simple TCP/IP Services havn't been installed on your laptop.
Check by going to Control Panel,AddRemove Programs,AddRemove Windows Components,Networking Services
Tick the relevant box if it's unticked - you will need your XP installation disk.

  tenplus1 12:45 30 Oct 2005

I've tried all that and the permissions are set on each system (which are identically setup)...

The computer can see files on the laptop and even write files to the laptop, but it wont work the other way around...

  CLONNEN 12:53 30 Oct 2005

Have you set up identical Usernames and Passwords on BOTH computers?

Do you have any passwords set up on the Administrator account or the Guest account? If so try removing the passwords and see if that makes any difference.

  tenplus1 12:27 31 Oct 2005

both accounts have the same username and password, although the guest account is disabled in the control panel... I did re-enable it but still came up with the same problem...

  tenplus1 12:24 01 Nov 2005

ah hah, I finally got it working... for some reason if I use the ip number instead of the computer name it lets me connect (go figure)!

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