Shared broadband satellite connection

  dcp 15:18 20 May 2003

I live out in the wilds, without much chance of wired broadband - ever! I run on carrier pigeon speed, especially as mine and my immediate neighbour`s phone lines are run through a DAC, which makes speeds very sluggish (2.8K at most) I was considering one-way satellite, but I`m wondering if there is any way of splitting the initial cost of the kit with my immediate neighbour and share the connection using some sort of wireless networking, but still maintaining seperate and private accounts. The actual mechanics of the dish etc. is no problem, as I used to be in the trade, and it`s just a question of sorting out which company, and, therefore, which satellite and transponder to go for, as I already have fixed dish access to several satellites for foreign radio staions, and the kit required to align averything. Any suggestions as to whether it would work and what kit I would need? I have mentioned the idea to providers and they`re not interested - obviously hoping to sell two seperate installations!

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