Share/bank accounts help, please

  Housten 14:31 16 Dec 2011

Good Afternoon,

I am hoping someone will be able to point me in a direction which I will give me some hope/satisfaction. But first I will, probably, bore most people. I should also mention that when I say ‘I’ or ‘we’ I am referring to the fact that between us my wife and I have split up our savings into different areas such as current and deposit accounts and normal accounts and ISAs at our broker.

I keep our bank accounts and share accounts in Quicken. Intuit – who still own and run Quicken in the US - gave up and left the UK in 2004, but share price updating kept going until December 2008. Lately I have been getting fed up with the continual manual updating of the shares – and in fact I haven’t updated every share every day! – but have decided that I would like to have them all updated every day. I have looked round the internet and – so far – I haven’t been able to find a programme that does everything that Quicken did. I know that MS Money is supposed to do this but I have tried this and the programme simply will not run on my computer.

I have found a few programmes that do some of what I want but not everything. A little while ago I realised that I would, in all likelihood, have to keep the bank accounts within Quicken and run the share accounts separately. I was not entirely happy with this but realised that it was a compromise I would, probably, have to make. So what I could do then would be to export the share accounts in Quicken, import the ‘.QIF’ file into the new programme and then get the new programme to download what they call ‘historic’ prices – whereas I think of them as the previous day’s prices – and then keep the share prices up to date. What I have found is that different programmes do some of what I would like done, but not all of what I would like!

So my plea is this: Does anyone know of a programme which will import a ‘QIF’ file of share accounts, sort these into the accounts we have and want to keep, be able to download ‘historic’ share prices and be able to keep all our share prices up to date. If it can also run bank accounts as well that would be a really magnificent bonus. Now whilst I would prefer a free programme I realise that this is most unlikely and that I will have to pay for it, but as long as it is not too expensive I am going to have to ‘bite the bullet’ and pay. So if anyone has ANY idea(s) about any programme I would really like to hear about it.

Many, many thanks in advance for any information/help/advice.

  TonyV 14:51 16 Dec 2011


Have a look here, if you search through you may find a suitable programme to suit you. Freeware programmes I found a number of "Accounts" programmes but decided to stay with Quicken since I do not need the Share Update facility.


  Housten 15:51 16 Dec 2011


Hi, many thanks for your reply.

I have just spent some time going through the site. It may be me - very likely - but I could find nothing about share programmes. It really is amazing when you look on the web, you ask for share/portfolio managing software and all you seem to get is firms that want you to use their sites for share dealing or something similar. I must be using the wrong wording because I can only - and more by luck than by anything else!! - do I find a programme for home use! And almost all of these don't do what I want or charge an arm and a leg if you want to use, so they are meant for commercial firms or brokers, not brain dead pensioners like me!!

  TonyV 15:58 16 Dec 2011


Yes, you are right. It is difficult, but try Financial Software or Download Share price Software. I found this through that. Amateur Invest

Other wise, just keep trying!


  Housten 12:00 18 Dec 2011


Many thanks, again! i will try your suggestion!


Already tried banktree and they have told me what they provide does/will not do what I want!!

You would think there would be any number of programmea, bur there aren't, I just find it very baffling. I was writing my own bank and share programme - in PowerBasic - back in the 90's when I found Quicken, and so - stupidly - gave up. with Quicken gone you do begin to wonder what companies to trust these days.

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