Shareaza how to get rid?

  Taw® 20:29 01 Sep 2004

My daughter has downloaded the above. I think it is a P2P. it does not show up on add and remove and if I try to delete it, it tells me access denied check that disk is not full or write protected or that it is not in use. I have checked msconfig and it is not in statr up, I do not see it in task manager, any assistance please

  johnnyrocker 20:36 01 Sep 2004

have you tried the website? mind you it is not a harmful site in terms of spyware or anything else.


  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:41 01 Sep 2004

i wouldnt agree, i used shareeza for a while, but i slowed my puter right down, and its full of adaware, so i got rid,


  Taw® 20:45 01 Sep 2004

how did you get rid ZT?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:09 01 Sep 2004

i think mine had an uninstal with it, i dont remember having any probs,

sorry cant be off more help.


  Strawballs 00:22 02 Sep 2004

Have you tried right clicking the icon in the task bar then clicking exit then uninstall

  helmetshine 09:36 02 Sep 2004

Have a look in the Program folder itself....there might be a uninstall in there

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