share outlook calendar with mobiles

  rsturbo 22:48 28 Sep 2014

i need to share 5 outlook calendars (on pc) with 5 mobile devices some iphone some android. so any device (pc or smartphone) makes an entry into calendar and this is populated into everybody's devices and outlook on their pc.

is this possible anf if so how?

thanks for any help

  wee eddie 23:08 28 Sep 2014

Is the Outlook you are referring to part of MS Office, or

  Woolwell 10:10 29 Sep 2014

Are the 5 calendars synced between them or separate calendars?

Assume using Office Outlook. You can do this for one calendar using or Google Calendar. Creating an account will create and calendar in Outlook. You have to use that calendar then all devices can see any updates. See slipstick.

How to sync 5 calendars I don't know. Are they all different accounts?

  rsturbo 00:39 06 Nov 2014

sorry for late reply (work!) probably best to have calendar and then all log into this, i think the other office outlook method will be a nightmare!

thanks for clearing my foggy brain

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