[DELETED] 15:48 23 Aug 2003

I am ashamed to ask [i have had a P C for a year]
But don't know how to cut and paste.
A novice confesses. Please Help.

  [DELETED] 15:52 23 Aug 2003

Copy - makes a copy.

Cut - makes a copy and deletes the original.


Highlight what you want to Copy or Cut, right click and choose Copy Or Cut.

Click where you want it to Paste, right click and choose Paste.

Pictures / files

Right click the picture or file and choose Copy Or Cut.

Click where you want it to Paste, right click and choose Paste.

  [DELETED] 16:03 23 Aug 2003

There are a number of aspects to this.

The first is the CLIPBOARD. This is a virtual clipboard, that you don't normally see (though there is a Clipboard Viewer, which may or may not be installed).

The Clipboard holds fragments of text and/or pictures that you have put onto it by COPY.

The second issue is that of MARKING or HIGHLIGHTING or SELECTING a piece of text or a picture (or even a file). You do this by clicking on it - in the case of a file - or more normally by CLICK AND DRAG across it, in the case of a section of test.

When the object is MARKED - you can transfer it to the CLIPBOARD via EDIT - COPY from the EDIT menu, or RIGHT CLICK and COPY using the Mouse - or CTRL+C from the keyboard.

You can also use CUT instaed of COPY, if you want to remove it from whwre it is to the clipboard. CUT removes - COPY duplicates.

When your object is on the Clipboard, you can insert it elsewhere by using EDIT - PASTE, or Right Click and PASTE, or CTRL+V from the keyboard. The object will be inserted wherever the insetion point (cursor) is at this time.

Objects stay on the Clipboard even after Pasting, and even between different programs.

The Clipboard in Word is a little different, abd can hold multiple objects.

And sometimes you get a Paste Special or Paste Style option - read up on these in Help when you are familiar with the basic operations

  [DELETED] 16:14 23 Aug 2003

1 - Place your cursor where you want to start, depress and hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to highlight what you want to copy.

2 - Depress the right mouse button and select 'copy'.

3 - Place your cursor where you want to place your copy (this can be in a different document), depress the right button and select 'paste'.

  graham√ 18:04 23 Aug 2003

If you wish to paste into some programs, eg. Word, you have to open the program first and minimise it.

  powerless 18:09 23 Aug 2003
  lindyloo4 20:42 23 Aug 2003

If you are wanting to paste into Word it doesn't have to be open but it does make it easier while you get use to your new found talent.

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