shall i get a new PC or laptop

  Callum Taylor 00:14 22 Sep 2016

not a code question but need some advice. i am 17 years old and have a passion for coding, under my belt have two successful websites and several c# projects. i really want to become a pen tester and am on my way to do computer security and UNI next year. i have a PC which took me a long time to get and am running W10. but i have a real love for Linux, Kali in-particular. i dont wanna dual boot so my question is do i by another PC and run Kali on that or do i get a laptop to run Kali on. need the best choice for my future and which will benefit me in the long run. i dont have a lot of money but if needed will find the money some how. thanks in advance guys.

Current PC specs: Edition: Windows 10 home processor: AMD A8-7650K Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C + 6G 3.30 GHz Installed RAM: 16GB

  OCTCORE 22:06 22 Sep 2016

I take it kali is open source, if so there are tons of cheap laptops/netbooks on ebay that would run that software well enough.

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