shading individual cells in MS Access

  john 08:44 31 Aug 2006

I have never used MS Access before and I have been sent a large contact details database on access. I need to be able to highlight/shade individual cells in order to identify changes to be made before I return it to the sender.

Is this possible?

When I try to do this or I try to select certain text and even change the font colour, it changes the colour for the whole database.

Thanks in advance

  Sandy110 18:50 31 Aug 2006

Yes it is possible. How are you reading the data, in form or table format?

  john 18:56 31 Aug 2006

Not sure what you mean exactly but the view is 'datasheet view'

  Sandy110 20:21 31 Aug 2006

Are you looking at something that looks like an Excel spreadsheet?

  john 20:43 31 Aug 2006

Yes, it is the same as an excel spreadsheet

  john 11:03 05 Sep 2006

any ideas anyone please

  silverous 11:54 05 Sep 2006

Access isn't really the tool for highlighting individual cells, at best you might be able to highlight rows.

Why not get the data into Excel and do i there?

In Office 2000...go Tools, Office Links, Analyze it with MS Excel.

Miraculously your data will appear in Excel and you can highlight individual cells all day long.

  Rand Al Thor 12:07 05 Sep 2006

You would normally do this in a report, not in datasheet view. Datasheet view merely presents the data as it appears in the table.

  silverous 12:24 05 Sep 2006

How would you highlight cells on a report other than by hand though rand? I think Excel is the answer.

  Woolwell 12:57 05 Sep 2006

I don't think that what you are asking can be done in Access. As I understand it you want to show what changes have been made to the database.

You may need to add extra records eg
click here

It is probably also possible to create a report of updated fields. You would then send this in report form to the originator.

  silverous 13:22 05 Sep 2006

He doesn't want to report changes that have been made, he wants to highlight changes "that are to be made", I presume from that that he isn't actually changing the data.

As above, Excel with data transferred easily frmo Access sounds like way forward to me.

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