Shades on my desktop icons and background photo.

  Psybux 18:05 09 Sep 2013

Hi. Im not actually computer scientist... I know just a little basics :) Im a gamer :D So here is the problems, my pc started being slower and slower every time i press windows button while im in game.. that wasnt the case earlier. Than, on my desktop icons,, shades started to appear.. And its so annoying.. + the fact every time i do right click it almost looks like there are 2 objects instead of one. I did a screenshot so you can see how it looks like.

click here you help me and please tell me what to do?

Best regards



  Psybux 18:29 09 Sep 2013

and few seconds ago shades appeared even in game that i play.. everything has shades

  lotvic 21:43 09 Sep 2013

I see part of the screen has a gauzy haze instead of looking sharp.

Go into your NVIDIA graphics card settings and look at the temperature. It may be starting to overheat.

Also when you have pc turned off completely and unplugged at wall socket, hold in the power button on tower for about 20 secs to drain any residual current and then make sure graphic card and cables have not worked loose. Reseat (take out and put back in again) to make sure. Clean the fan of any fluff (use a cotton bud or paintbrush).

  Psybux 14:51 10 Sep 2013

i did everything you told me except the temperature check,, and it worked! i took out whole graphic card and cleaned it gently.. and everything seems ok now.

thank you very much :)

  lotvic 14:59 10 Sep 2013

Glad it seems to be okay now :) thanks for letting us know, it will help anyone else with same problem - they will be able to see how you solved it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:19 10 Sep 2013

mannan, you should have started a new thread to share your tip, not hijack another member's thread.

  tullie 08:14 11 Sep 2013

Mannan,hope you dont disable all because this will include your Anti Virus software.

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