1514 11:09 27 Jan 2004

I have just run "SFC/scannow" on my winXP and apparently replaced about two hundred files. After being on the Internet for a while and having downloaded an "essentuial update" from MS. I re-ran my SFC; again there was about two hundred corrupt files. As soon as sfc stopped, I rebooted and once again ran SFC with the result that it again replaced about two hundred corrupt files. Has anyone got any comments on what I am doing wrong or had the same experience?

  Cesar 11:24 27 Jan 2004

Are you running SFC /Scannow correctly there should be a space between the c and the slash your thread doesn't indicate this it should be as my example above.

  Jester2K 11:29 27 Jan 2004

And what difference would that make? Either SFC will run or it won't! 1514 has confirm twice that the program runs. On my PC without the space it just returns an error.

So what difference would the space make in this case?

  Jester2K 11:30 27 Jan 2004

Do you know which update it was?

  1514 11:36 27 Jan 2004


No I haven't a clue; but quite honestly I have suspected that this was happening before the up date.

I shall give it another run as you suggest, just to make sure.

Thank you for your time boys

  MichelleC 13:45 27 Jan 2004

I'd also run an online av scan just for peace of mind (leave on your firewall and own av)click here (You should only have 1 or 2 corrupt system files or else there's something serious happening.)

  1514 17:29 27 Jan 2004

My AV is always up to date, I have E-trust protection suite. I have run sfc another twice with the same, or at least about the same, results. Could it be that I have two Win XP's on my computer, although I am sure that they don't know each other is there?

  MichelleC 17:37 27 Jan 2004

If you have got 2 os's on same partition it may show in up boot.ini. can you post your results here. You'll have to uncheck Folder Options view to 'show operating system files' (don't forget to change back).

  hugh-265156 18:17 27 Jan 2004

i would try running chkdsk

start/control panel/right click HD/properties/error checking tick both boxes and restart the computer.go have a cuppa.

  1514 23:08 27 Jan 2004

I have the OS's on diferent partitions C&D
I have just done as you suggest but nothing wrong was found, I even ran SFC after, just to see, but still had about 180 corrupt files, or so it indicated. I might re install into a clean partition and see what happens tomorrow; just for something to do if there are no more suggestions.
I won't close this yet!
Thank you all

  hugh-265156 23:46 27 Jan 2004

1514 at the start of the thread you mentioned downloading via windows updates.do you have service pk1 installed?

this solves a lot of problems.

may be worth a go if you have not already installed it.

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