sfc in windows me

  rawprawn 16:47 16 Dec 2003

I want to run sfc on my friends computer with ME OS. I have typed sfc /scannow but get bad command. Any suggestions, thanks.

  leo49 16:48 16 Dec 2003

Er, SFC doesn't exist in ME.

  rawprawn 17:33 16 Dec 2003

Ok thanks, is there an equivalent?

  leo49 17:44 16 Dec 2003

Not really - MS deemed SFC redundandant for ME as they introduced System File Protection/PC Health/System Restore.

If you know which files need replacing/restoring then you can extract these from the Cab files - but in most cases that's a big IF.

One repair option is to bung in the ME CD and install over the top but you'd obviously lose updates,etc that way.

  rawprawn 17:58 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for the information, I will have to ask if he is willing to take the chance. Would you lose files that you wanted to keep. ie emails, favourites, personal files?

  keith-236785 18:12 16 Dec 2003

no loss of files or e-mails or settings, just the updates that may need downloading again.

but as a precausion, save them to a different location.

  rawprawn 18:27 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for the information, I am a bit lost in Windows ME, but I will give it a go.
And thanks to you leo49 for your help.

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