SFC on Windows ME ?

  Wrinkles 21:32 16 Sep 2003

Hi chaps just a quicky, what is the ME equivalent of win98SE's SFC (System file checker)
I am trying to sort out a problem on a mates PC and need to restore some files. He has win ME which I am not familiar with and can't find anything like SFC

  MAJ 21:38 16 Sep 2003

There is no SFC on ME, it's equivilent, the name escapes me at the moment, runs in the background continuously. Have you tried system restore?

  Mango Grummit 21:38 16 Sep 2003

Programs> Accesories> System Tools> ScanDisk is close as you'll get to SFC.

  woodchip 21:39 16 Sep 2003

There is no SFC you have to run system restore, to a backup point. Works when it wants!!!!!

  Wrinkles 21:41 16 Sep 2003

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I was a bit cautious about using system restore as I thought it might restore back to " factory fresh" and there are a lot of files I don't want to loose

  MAJ 21:43 16 Sep 2003

Backup any files you value to CD first, just in case.

  MAJ 21:46 16 Sep 2003

If System Restore doesn't restore the desired files, you could try reloading Windows over itself. Normally you wont loose any files doing that....... mind you...... we are talking about ME, so backup first.

  Wrinkles 21:47 16 Sep 2003

Ok thank fella's I'll go off and try it. Turn your sound down if you don't want to hear my screams of anguish.

  oglemire 21:48 16 Sep 2003

ME uses Windows File Protection which acts like an automatic SFC..

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