SFC flashes past

  dagbladet 20:13 18 Oct 2003

My XP home has become a little unstable, locking up when I right-click, jumping out of applications for no apparent reason. I thought I would run SFC as I had seen it mentioned on here. When i hit 'run' a small black screen flashed for about half a second and that was it. Should I get something else ?

  Legolas 20:27 18 Oct 2003

Do you have the

  powerless 20:28 18 Oct 2003

SFC will do nothing.

sfc /scannow

is the one you want.

  Legolas 20:28 18 Oct 2003

I,ll try that again...Do you have the XP disk in when running the sfc command, also try sfc /scannow

  Legolas 20:29 18 Oct 2003

Great minds ;-)

  dagbladet 20:38 18 Oct 2003

Thanks all, sfc /scannow worked a treat. However once the scan was complete should I have had some kind of report ? It just sorted of did it and dissapeared.

  powerless 20:43 18 Oct 2003

Go to start, run, type:


Click ok.

On the left click SYSTEM. On the right look for "Windows File Protection" in the list under source.

There maybe a "few" of them, one to report the start of SFC, the other to tell you what it replaced (if it did) and the final one being that it finished.

  dagbladet 21:00 18 Oct 2003

Wow at least a dozen yellow triangles and six red crosses. Mainly for something to do with 'time32' or 'run32'. Lots of 1003 codes which mean nothing to me, will it live doctor ?

  powerless 21:07 18 Oct 2003

it'll live!

  dagbladet 21:15 18 Oct 2003

Now this is a bit of a worry. That send/don't send error box came up after a 'mini-crash' earlier and suggested my Graphic card (nvidia geoforce 440) was at fault. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers. One of the error codes from scan is as follows-"nv The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates."

Dodgy graphics card ?

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