slowhand_1000 23:09 29 Mar 2004

Does anyoneone know the command line (if it's possible) to run SFC through DOS in W98.

A friend asked me to look at their pc. When I try to open, click on or do anything I get greeted with a Rundll32 or Kerenl32 error relating to whatever program or utility that was trying to open.

After trying all day various fixes found through old postings and Goggling I hooked up a spare HD with hers as a slave and found.....46 viruses.

After putting hers back as master I am still getting the same error messages. Now after booting up the Rundll32 error message comes up at the same time as the background of the desktop. Then nothing works at all.

So the next step was trying SFC through DOS, if possible.


  hugh-265156 23:26 29 Mar 2004

im not sure about windows 98 but try:

start/run and type "sfc"

if that dowsnt work try:

start/run type "command" and then type "sfc"

if there is lots of errors it may be a good time to reinstall windows maybe.

  woodchip 23:27 29 Mar 2004

If you got it to run it more than likely would not be any good as you need access to a Win98 CD rom and it does not work in DOS without CD-ROM drivers loaded in the AUTOEXEC file. To get it to run in DOS you have to go to the C:\Windows\System folder then typ SFC and press enter so it looks like this

C:\Windows\System>SFC and press enter

  hugh-265156 23:29 29 Mar 2004


also try booting into safe mode (keep tapping F8 or F5 as soon as the computer is switched on and select from the list)

if ok in safe mode the try:

start/run type "msconfig" click the start up tab and untick everything except av and firewall and restart the computer.see if that helps maybe.

  woodchip 23:30 29 Mar 2004

Have you tried starting in safe mode by pressing F8 when you see the "Starting Win98" on screen. If you can there may be a chance of getting it to work from there

  slowhand_1000 23:55 29 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the replies

Tried the command for SFC, but got an error message saying cannot run this through dos

Tried safe mode, but still get error message at desktop and can't proceed any further.

So it looks like it will have to be a format for her. Hope there's not to much on there that she can't lose.

Here's another one for the "I don't need/run anti virus" folder.

Thanks for options anyway.



  woodchip 23:57 29 Mar 2004

Try running the Win98 Setup over it's self from DOS

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