severe problem with my pc

  bibo1465 13:29 29 Apr 2007

hi everyone

please i need your help.

Last week i had to change my hard disk and install windows xp sp2.

I installed all the update(windows update),reinstall all the problem,will all the update.

today while i was using my pc a (bluescreen come up with an error,saying:


in the end of the page:
beginning dump of physical memory

When i restart my pc by clicking on the switch button of the case,and when the welcome screen come up it restart again,than on the desktop a message come up:

windows activation
because of significent change in hardware i have to re activate windows xp.

I called microsoft and reactivate windows xp.

to my biggest shock in my life:

all the program and icons on the desktop come up from the old hard disk,
how? i don't know.

eventhough i changed the hard disk,and reinstall windows,how things happened? god knows

My pc is very slow as when the old hard disk.

i am so confused.

yesterday my pc was working fine with the new hard disk .now this happeneded.

my pc refused to restart,very slow,froze,i have to restart my pc from the case.

please help me , i don't want to reformat my hard disk and reinstall windows.

i hope to hear from you very soon

thank you in advance

  bibo1465 13:32 29 Apr 2007

i just found out that my pc can see only the C: drive.

I have 3 hard disk

now D: and E: is missing

please help

thank you

  bof:) 13:44 29 Apr 2007

did you set your new hard drive as the MASTER and the other two as SLAVES? This is done by altering the jumpers on the hard drives themselves.

If you go in your BIOS (usually press DEL button as pc starts up) you should see this mentioned on get to BIOS press DEL (or some other key).

Can all 3 drives be seen in the BIOS?


  bof:) 13:46 29 Apr 2007

can you let us have the complete error message you get please.

  bibo1465 18:59 29 Apr 2007

thank you for your help

yes i setup the c drive as master and the other as slave,and cable select.

I start my pc after 4 hours because i had to go out,the desktop was from the new hard disk(confusing) and became so slow,and froze completely.

i got another problem(windows write delayed)
the D:/$mft has been lost be save the files somewhere else.

D drive being another hard disk.

E: drive is the third hard is missing from my computer.

i am confused and don't know what to do.please help.

thank you so much for your help in advance

  bof:) 20:34 29 Apr 2007

Hi can you try just connecting the new HD on its own and none of the other HD's and let us know what happens when you boot your pc up.

If you get any error messages can you please let us know exactly what they say.

If no error messages appear, close down PC and connect another HD and start PC up.


  woodchip 20:42 29 Apr 2007

Sounds like you may have a virus on one of the other drives and it as got back onto the new Drive

  p;3 20:50 29 Apr 2007

a question; why did you have to do a reinstall in the first place?

  phono 22:29 29 Apr 2007

"to my biggest shock in my life:
all the program and icons on the desktop come up from the old hard disk,
how? i don't know.
eventhough i changed the hard disk,and reinstall windows,how things happened? god knows
My pc is very slow as when the old hard disk."

By any chance is the old drive still attached to the PC?

  bibo1465 06:10 30 Apr 2007

hi everyone

thank you again for your help all the times.

D: drive attached by ide cable(second connection),first connection for the C: drive.

G:drive is external caddy which slide in the case.

now the D: drive is completely missing,i went to(disk managment,device manager,O%O defragmentation professional) again d: drive missing.

I spoke to technical support engineer yesterday and explained everything,he told me that,some of the windows XP file still in the D: drive,that is why the pc became confused from which hard disk to use C: or D:.

And he told me to format both hard disk C: and D: by using window xp disk ,put windows xp in the dvd rom drive restart the pc,and format it from there,to be on save side,and reinstall windows on C: drive.

when i took the old hard disk out and placed it as slave drive D: drive i deleted all the files but not format it.

now when the D: drive is missing the pc run much faster and working.

I am not receiving any error message now.

bof:)when i got to bios i will let you know if bios can see the 3 hard disk.

I will take the D: drive out from the case as well the G: drive(with external caddy) and put it in the external caddy to see if my pc can recognize it,if so i will format it from windows xp cd.

i will let you know with all the result.

thank you again all for your reply.

have a very nice day.

My kindest regards

  bibo1465 06:46 04 May 2007

hi everyone

as i promised you to tell you the result for my problem:

I took the D: drive out from the case,install it on external caddy, format it from disk managment.

now my pc is much faster and working properly,after i format my D: drive.

i would like to thank you all for all the help i received from you.

thank you so much.

My kindest regards

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