Setup of virtual hardware on LAN

  Sascha_1 10:01 25 Jan 2018

I would like to concentrate all the powerful and expensive hardware in my house to one physical box including CPU, GPU and hard disk for file storage. This server box would be running some stable Linux distribution - probably Debian.

The other machines on the same LAN in the household - the wife's Windows laptop, the HTPC in the living room, the work pc in my office running Linux Mint, my raspberry pi for playing around and testing different distros, and possibly a portable Mac belonging to a visiting friend - should all be able to use the hardware resources of my one powerful server box.

I'd like to have centralized storage and backup, but also be able to play games demanding a powerful GPU on the different lighter and cheaper machines sharing the resources of my one power box.

I don't mind paying for premium hardware, but the software part should be free, or at least open source.

Would this be possible and, if so, how? What would be a good forum for asking such questions?

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