Setup screen has slipped to left

  mitzi2d 13:10 18 Nov 2003

Setup screen has slipped to the left and down so
that I cannot see enough of the program to work
safely. HELP

  Djohn 13:52 18 Nov 2003

Can you explain a little more please, which set-up screen? j.

  DieSse 14:49 18 Nov 2003

.. and why can't you just drag it back (click and drag on the title bar) whatever it is?

  mitzi2d 16:33 18 Nov 2003

Setup program for BIOS.
When on monitor left side and bottom of program
are hidden making it impossible to be sure of any changes.

  alcudia 16:39 18 Nov 2003

Can you not use the controls on the front of the monitor to centre it.

You may have to undo this when in windows though.

  Djohn 17:25 18 Nov 2003

As alcudia says. Use the controls on the monitor to adjust your display to centre it. You can do this for each screen that requires setting, altering one will not affect the others.

So you can centre your display for the start-up and boot sequence, then for windows, then games. Each setting will be individual and retained in the monitors memory. j.

  Djohn 17:36 18 Nov 2003

Use the "Pause" key on your keyboard for each stage of the boot-up, this will give you all the time you need to adjust each screen display. j.

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